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House Flipping Could Be Your Retirement Dream Job - Here’s Why

Although some people look forward to putting work behind them forever upon retiring, others seek their next great adventure. Indeed, retirement can be the perfect time to try your hand at roles you’d have never considered otherwise. Many retirees have the funds to invest in big ideas, and the time and energy to make those ideas come true.

One such investment seniors should consider is house flipping. This is the process of buying homes that need some TLC, getting them into shape, and then selling them for a nice profit. It takes advantage of your business savvy, creativity, and free time, making it a great fit for many seniors. GTRSALES is proud to help guide flippers through what they need to know to make real estate investment work for them. Here’s a look at some information to get you started.

Treat This As a Business

Some people may think that flipping houses means spending all day shopping for properties and getting them ready for new owners or tenants. However, if you intend to treat this as a business, then you’ll need to approach it as such — including doing all of the necessary planning and paperwork involved in the process. So, sit down, hammer out a plan, and research what’s required in Nebraska to operate legally as a business. Fortunately, you can get help from formation services, which can help you LLC Nebraska filing. These services are often more efficient and cheaper than doing it yourself or hiring an attorney.

Financial Tools for Success

Too many people get into house flipping thinking it will be an easy, low-effort profit. Although some houses do provide a fast and significant payoff, this is far from guaranteed. You’ll make narrow profits sometimes, and you’ll even face a loss or two along your journey.

Good recordkeeping, however, can do wonders for ensuring that you come out on top overall. Indeed, you can better understand project financial performance with the right accounting features. Look for recordkeeping systems that allow you to get a big-picture look at all of your investments. This will allow you to ensure that you’re accounting for all renovations, upgrades, and other expenses when calculating your house-flipping profits.

Finding Good Candidates

Of course, figuring out which homes are good candidates for flipping is another essential element of this type of investment. If you’ve ever heard a home referred to as having “good bones”, this is the exact characteristic you should be looking for. Many properties on the market have fallen into disrepair. Although some of them will have structural issues that will make them more trouble than they’re worth, many others will not.

These properties with superficial issues are the house flippers dream. You want to keep your eye out for homes that are unattractive, out of date, or have visible, easily-fixed issues such as cracked windows. Even better are homes which have strong potential for renovation or expansion. Avoid, however, any home that has problems with the foundation, major water damage, or other signs of expensive issues.

Focus on High-ROI Upgrades

Finally, learn which upgrades provide the best return on investment in your area. Generally speaking, your best bet are projects which don’t necessarily require a ton of time and materials, but have a big impact on curb appeal. For example, it can be relatively simple to refresh a kitchen by installing new cabinets and upgrading appliances. Even very basic kitchen upgrades can provide a nice boost to your final sales’ price.

Conversely, there are many home renovation projects that don’t pay off. For example, painting each room its own color is rarely worth the time and effort. A nice, neutral tone throughout the house - with maybe one accent wall for impact - tends to be far more effective. After all, most buyers would rather choose their own wall colors, regardless of what’s already there. Your goal should always be to create as universally appealing a home as possible in order to get plenty of offers.

House flipping isn’t for everyone, but it can be a great fit for some seniors. If you’re looking for a way to make money in retirement that requires business sense and creative flair, this could be the right fit for you. We hope this article serves as a launching point you can use to get started on your house-flipping journey!

House flipping is easier with an agent on your side. Contact GTRSALES to get started today!

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